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Thrissur, Kerala , India
: 0487 2371520, 0487 2371314, 9061395647

Inaugurated in January 1983 and registered under the Travancore –Cochin Literacy, scientific and charitable societies Act XII of 1955,

Mar Timotheus Charitable Hospital, Thrissur, Kerala

Rooted in the Love of God and in fear of is Omnipotence "Charity" is essentially a vision- a vision which inspires a pure minded and whole hearted way of looking at the spectacle of life with love for all and malice towards none; it is basically an attitude of mind - an attitude which inspires one to think the best thoughts and to do the best deeds towards glorifying the Almighty Creator's name.

Mar Timotheus Charitable Society and Hospital derives its name from the sacred name of the late Mar Abimalek Timotheus Metropolitan of hallowed memory. The late Mar Abimalek Timotheus was truly a man of God and instrument of the Divine providence, and his life, a noble saga of service and sacrifice. The promoters of Mar Timotheus Charitable society are immensely happy that they have been able by the grace of God to organize a unique institution in the form of this charitable society and hospital to perpetuate his sacred memory. And they most earnestly hope and pray that the Almighty in His infinite power and glory may enable this institution to translate the late metropolitans teachings into fruitful action by organizing planned projects of charitable endeavors.