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Thrissur, Kerala , India
: 0487 2371520, 0487 2371314, 9061395647

Inaugurated in January 1983 and registered under the Travancore –Cochin Literacy, scientific and charitable societies Act XII of 1955,



Mar Timotheus Charitable Society is an association of members of the Church of the East in India under the Catholicos Patriarch H H Maran Mar Dinkha IV. The society was inaugurated in January 1983. The society is registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955 in 27th January 1983. The Registration Number is 14(Fourteen). The registered office of the society is situated in THRISSUR, Kerala State, India. The main thrust of its aims and objective is to unite men of all sects, sections and segments in the performance of charitable and philanthropy services.

The society is named after the sacred name of the Late Mar Abimalek Timotheus Metropolitan. The late Mar Abimalek Timotheus of Mar Beesho, Turky was truly a man of god and instrument of the divine provident and his life, a noble saga of service and sacrifice to the church in India and to the cause of the Assyrians and others in the world over.

The promoters of this society are immensely happy to translate the late Metropolitan’s teaching into fruitful action by organizing planed projects of charitable endeavors. The society is administered by an executive committee comprises of the President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary, Organizing Secretary, Treasurer and four Committee Members. The president also will be the Patron of the society who shall always be the Metropolitan of the Church of the East in India. The present Patron President is H.G.Dr.Mar Aprem Metropolitan. The two Vice Presidents are nominated by the Patron President from the members of the society. At present Mar Awgin Kuriakose, Bishop, Church of the East, India is one of the Vice President. The remaining posts are elected from the Governing body of the Society.
The society prayfully established two institutions- a well equipped hospital and a self sufficient home for the old in about 4.5 acres of land with enough space for expansions. For details please see separate menus.